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I'm a strategic storyteller who believes people and businesses thrive when you can tell an engaging story, communicate clearly, and have a distinct voice.

Let's tell your story together!  



Equip, Inspire,
& Inform

As Communications Manager at Living Stones Reno, I developed and maintained a communications strategy from the ground up. This ensured intentional and engaging communication through digital channels and on-stage announcements. 



Acts 29


We Plant Churches Worldwide

As Content Editor, I had the privilege of interviewing pastors around the world and telling their stories. 

Living Stones Reno

Disciples Making Disciples

As Communications Manager, my responsibilities include social media management, copywriting, and scripting our weekly worship liturgy. 

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White Peak

Think Like a Digital Marketing Guru

​White Peak gave me the opportunity to grow in technical , B2B copywriting. Blog posts positioned White Peak as a local expert in web design, lead conversion, and SEO.


Dear Hormones, We're Fighting Back

As a freelancer, I provided SEO blog posts to position this new lifestyle site as an expert in balancing hormones. Articles varied on topics of mental health, nutrition, and more. 


And more...

​Various articles further highlighting my ability to adapt to different brand voices. 

About Me

How it all began:

My grandfather had an old mechanical typewriter he'd let me play around with. At four years old, I loved copying words out of my favorite books. But one day, my grandpa came around and said, "don't copy, write your own story!" Just like that, my love for writing was born. 

How I can help:
I'm a storyteller at my core—fascinated by how words on a page (or a screen) can move someone to action, empathy, or deeper thinking. I'm known for my ability to take messy, complex information and presenting an easy-to-read story. 

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Let's Write a Story

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