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Selected Poems

The Architect

I found you in the spoken word,
with life unknown and stories unheard.
Until the generosity subsides
atop the waves of the waning tide.
I think, I cry, begin to utter,
the sound of my heart without a hesitant shudder.
Unblinking eyes, I’ve chosen my diction
and call upon the chords with unquestioned conviction.
Know if I fail, if I move forward,
I swear never to leave my sky castle bordered.

A Critical View from a 2008 Obama Supporter

October 2012


Last week I was given the chance to hear First Lady Michelle Obama speak to supporters on campus. I have to admit, I found myself at the crossroads of positivity and jaded. While I think President Obama has done some positive things for me, I’m not afraid to admit that he’s fallen short in other areas. Let’s also not ignore the fact that he lost the first presidential debate by a landslide.

Four years ago, I stood in that same quad listening to Barack Obama less than a month before the 2008 election. It was the first election I was eligible to vote in, so I felt a sense of duty and entitlement. Hope? Who talks about hope in a presidential campaign? The only speaking points I remember from the 2000 and 2004 elections were the environment, the War on Terror and big oil. Does any of that directly engage with the 16-year-old graduating high school in a couple short years? Not at all...

5 Things I Learned From the National Student Advertising Competition

April 2012

Last week UNR took Second Place in the District for the National Student Advertising Competition. It was a bittersweet achievement for us as a team. But personally, it was a huge win for me.

This time last year, I didn’t even imagine myself on the NSAC team. Though I’ve really come out of my awkward shell in the past few years, I never thought I’d be up for the challenge. I wanted to get through my 4-5 years at UNR as fast as I could, getting by with a mixture of A’s and B’s. The IMC Competition class wasn’t really my thing. I had heard horror stories about being up in the J-School until three in the morning, meeting book deadlines, fighting with teammates… why would I want to subject myself to any of that?